How Managed IT Services Improved My Business

I’ve worked with two information technology companies in Nashville. Both had different styles of doing things, but one of them was just better than the other. It was hard for me to learn that I had options when it came to Managed IT Services in Nashville. I stuck with the first IT group because they were the only people I knew and I had nothing to compare them too. But when another information technology firm in Nashville caught my eye, I had to see what they were all about.

While the company I was currently working with was good, the just didn’t have the innovative edge that this new group had. I was impressed that they were taking ideas into the mainstream. They even talked about offering an app for my employees, so they could do certain parts of their reports straight from a tablet or phone.

My employees had been complaining for years that they were often without their laptop or access to wifi when traveling for work or on a sales call. However, they were stuck with a lot of downtime in waiting rooms and in the airport that they would love to utilize for reporting straight from their phone. That way they wouldn’t have to take work home with them when they wanted to be having dinner with their families.

Of course that made sense to me, but when I asked my information technology company in Nashville if they could do something like this for me, they said it would take quite some time. It felt as if they were brushing it off, and they kept trying to sell me on the systems we were already using. I thought IT was meant to expand ideas and improve communications, but this company just didn’t see it my way.

However, the innovative IT company in Nashville was not only willing to listen to my ideas and what direction I saw my company going in, but they were excited about it. They had a lot of ideas of their own that was well worth the consultation. Since that meeting, we have made communication better between employees, and I’ve been told by some people that these advancements have saved them so much time, and they finally get off at five o’clock, instead of working well into the night. It made me feel guilty that I hadn’t thought of this before and just how much harder my employees were working than they had to.

With the help of the best managed IT services in Nashville, my employees are happier and more productive. Best of all, they can accomplish more in less time. I’ve even added a gym to our building so people can take some of that extra time and do something good for their health. As we expand as a company, we’re seeing more people come up with creative ideas that I don’t think would have been possible if we were using the old IT company. It’s amazing what a difference IT can make for your business.

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